Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dog Days'' - 12.5 - Limone Resort Special Onsen OAD

Torrent Download (480p)

Do you like barely censored harem girls bathing together? Then you're going to love this! If you don't, take a step back and consider the reasons why you watch anime.

Joking aside, I do wish we were just a little bit faster on this one, but it's finally here. The subtitles are directly translated from Japanese (as always). It includes all four episodes of the "Gravure Talk" shorts, and has a song not included in any of the three seasons of Dog Days, with our karaoke added. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, it's come to my attention that the comment system on our blog doesn't work. The darn thing's nearly 10 years old, give it a break, things start to fall apart over time. Fixing it is low on the group's priority list, so if you want to comment on our releases, join our IRC channel at #corona @! Edit (2 Mar. '18): Or comment on the blog, because I fixed it.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Komachi to Dangoro - 04

Torrent Download (480p)

I don't know exactly what happened in 2017, but the point is we're here, we're alive, and we have the final(?) episode of Komachi to Dangoro for you!

I use that question mark because at the end of the episode that there is a つづく (to be continued) message, but the 5th episode doesn't yet exist, and we don't know if it ever will exist, so enjoy your dorky oceanside adventure with these two, because this might be the last one for a long time.

Join #corona @, where for a limited time you can get your very own Lagoon Stone fragment and all of the strange side-effects that come with it. Corona Fansubs is not responsible for any property damage, injury, or loss of life as a result of using these fragments.

Akikan! - 12

Torrent Download (720p)
Edit (Jan. 15 '18): We didn't have all of the files, but a kind anon has posted a batch torrent for all of our H264 Akikan! releases. Click here to grab it.

You’re about to embark on a journey through time, to an era where fansubs looked much different than they do today. Everything was fan translated, for better or for worse, and without Crunchyroll streaming, there were hundreds of groups consisting of veterans and newbies alike. Unless you were willing to wait for DVDs, you relied on the fansub scene to bring you the anime that you wanted to watch. Things are very different today. This release may very well be the final landmark of that time full of friendships, faggotry, and many, many memories.

HCl, MadRat-… several other names I’ve forgotten… any of the staff from Higure-Subs… if you guys are reading this, stop by our IRC channel and we can have a few virtual beers.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the future. Akikan! had a 1-episode OVA and currently we plan on subbing it because why not. We are also working on a bonus episode of the third season of Dog Days which is full of fanservice and animal girls, trust me, you’ll love it. And finally, we’ve just recently decided to sub the OVA of Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokmeki Paradise, so look forward to that. If you don’t like how slow we are, know that we’re always looking for more help, so express your interest to help us out at #corona @

Oh, one more thing. We want to release a batch torrent, but we’re missing two episodes (5 and 11). If someone has all of the episodes and wants to make a batch torrent, that would be cool.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Komachi to Dangoro - 03

Torrent Download (480p)

You're wrong, MyAnimeList! This anime has four episodes, not two! (Actually, rumor has it that there might be a fifth episode.) Here's the third one for you, and we're working on the fourth.

Komachi and Dangoro are back again, and this time they need to save a taiguruma festival from being torn apart!

Behind the super secret curtain, Corona Fansubs has some other stuff in the works... stay tuned! Don't forget to join us on IRC (#corona @, we're going to have an onigiri eating contest soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Komachi to Dangoro - 02

Torrent Download (480p)

Surprised to see us again, are you?

Yes, that did take a little longer than we anticipated, but nonetheless, here is Episode 2 of our revival project, Komachi to Dangoro. Enjoy the episode, and feel comfortable in knowing that episode 3 is already in the works. At press time, the episode is in the timing stage.

And feel free to join our IRC at #corona @ to talk with us about Komachi to Dangoro, and all things anime. We're your friends, right?

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